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    A SaaS player that serves the needs of 10’000 teams worldwide with 100’000 DAUs (Daily Active Users)
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    Human Resources
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Context and Challenges: 

- Aggressive growth leading to a +50M$ fundraising

- As a side effect, the system was experiencing serious scalability issues:

  • Frustrating load times for end users on key pages, for example the scheduling page
  • Timeouts and 500 errors were popping up randomly

- The overall performance of the system was starting to have a negative impact on user retention, hence on revenue.

- Little DevOps capabilities which created an opportunity to upskill the tech team

Duration: 4 weeks

Solutions and Impact:

- Divided by a factor of 10 the response time, hence significantly increasing the quality of service of the platform by prioritizing the most impactful / easiest-to-implement actions:

  • Algorithmic optimisations
  • N+1 request optimisations
  • Index configuration on the database
  • Runtime reconfiguration and optimisation
  • Infrastructure optimization

- Co-creating with the client's team the methodology and management rituals to help solve the remaining slow requests that required deep structural changes

- Transfer to the client's team the ability to continuously monitor performance and to intervene quickly when needed to stay on target

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