Automotive Technology Benchmarking

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    A B2B SaaS company serving the needs of key automotive players
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    Automotive Technology
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Context and Challenges: 

  • An international business with physical locations in France, the United Kingdom and Asia with a three-figure growth rate
  • The company handles petabytes of data, composed of both proprietary data and client’s data; mostly videos, images and specialized format raw data. The company needs to be able to serve this data to its customers in multiple geographical locations with an acceptable response time.
  • The company’s tech infrastructure was historically on-premise. The challenge was to help the company select its cloud partner, as it was looking to transition from its  on-premise infrastructure to a cloud native infrastructure.  
  • The tech team had limited experience with cloud services and providers.

Duration: 6 weeks

Solutions and Impact:

  • We clarified the needs of the client regarding the targeted quality of service for the end users on the one hand, and the targeted data availability on the other hand. 
  • We heavily challenged cloud architecture proposals, and downsized the proposed cloud services against the real needs of the client, especially in terms of data storage redundancy. The savings represented about 500K€ in OPEX per year (-30%) on data storage only, while keeping the quality of service the same.
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