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Tech due diligences are still often viewed as a box-ticking exercise in the larger deal-making process, rather than one of its core elements.

And yet, technology has the potential to make or break many deals in private equity. Indeed, on the bright side, tech is central to value creation in most companies today, whether they are a pure-play technology business or not. Tech has the power to transform an unprofitable pre-digital age business, into a high margin, high growth asset, as observed in many instances across various industries. On the other hand, when improperly managed, tech can be a threat to a company's health, even to its own existence. High levels of technical debt and latent security vulnerabilities to name only two aspects, can both be lethal for companies. Unfortunately, more often than not, these subjects are superficially assessed.

At Bots & Company, we believe that adequate tech due diligences are essential to identify risks and suggest pragmatic mitigations, pinpoint avenues for value creation, and provide immediate, actionable and prioritized recommendations.

Our focus is on driving value from day one by focusing on the following core areas: the tech team and its organization, the health, scalability and security of the overall system, the process and tools in place to orchestrate the product, software and data, the tech and product medium and long-term strategies.

They trust us

Our clients trust us for our expertise and our delivery of actionable Tech Audits. Here are a few of them:

Impact Stories

Automotive Technology Benchmarking

As an international business with very high volumes of data, the company had started a transition from an on-premise to a cloud-based infrastructure. It had received offers from various cloud providers but their tech team had little experience to select a cloud partner and its relevant services. We accompanied the team, helped them choose the right cloud partner for their needs and saved them 500K€ in OPEX per year.

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HR SaaS Platform

From its inception, the company had been pushing for a very aggressive growth on all fronts. As a side effect, the system was experiencing serious scalability issues: frustrating load times for end users on key pages, timeouts and 500 errors popping up randomly. Within a month, Bots and Company helped the team to address this challenge and up-skill to maintain the quality of service with autonomy.

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Natural and DIY cosmetics ingredients

Our client needed an assessment of the company's technology during deal process in phase 1, before we had access to the tech team or any non-public information. Using OS int methodologies and tools, we were able to determine that the e-commerce platform was outdated as it was built on vulnerable and antique libraries and frameworks. This allowed our client to adapt its investment strategy and deal thesis.

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Our Team

Quentin Decock
Co-founder & Managing Partner
+ years of experience
Sofiane Touhami
Co-founder & Managing Partner
ESCP Europe
+ years of experience
Sandrine Ayral
Project Leader
ESSEC / Le Wagon
+ years of experience
Khalid Mehl
AI and ML Expert
X-Telecom / PhD in ML
+ years of experience
Timothée Rebours
Cyber Security Expert
X-Telecom / PhD in ML
+ years of experience
Alexandre Brel
Health Tech & JS Ecosystem Expert
+ years of experience
Kevin Dumont
PHP Ecosystem Expert
8+ years as a CTO
+ years of experience
Saber Mansour
IoT Expert
+ years of experience
Renaud Guerin
Infrastructure & SRE Expert
ex-Facebook SRE
+ years of experience
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